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Over 10 sites available within 15 minutes by boat, most accessible to all levels. Many of the sites are in the Villefranche bay area, where diving is always safe and visibility excellent regardless of weather conditions.

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Le Poséidon is open every day from May to October (closed on Sundays).
We meet daily at 9am and 2pm. Reservations are mandatory.
Each dive takes approximately 2.5 hours.

You must bring:

Introductory Diving

Discover Scuba 8 years old min. 50€
Discover Scuba Diving 5 dives + logbook, 12 years old max. 250€
Snorkeling 10 years old min. w/ adult 25€

Adventure Diving

Tank & weights Full equipment
One Tank Guided Adventure Dive 40€ 50€
Self-governing dive Rescue Diver min. 33€ 43€
Equipment Rental Tank 15l, regulator, BCD, suit (each per dive) 3€

PADI Courses

Tank & weights Full equipment
Technical Dive / Evaluation 50€ 60€
Scuba Diver 4 dives, logbook, theory, certification 290€
Open Water Diver 7 dives, e-learning, logbook, certification 440€
Advanced OWD 5 dives, manual, theory, certification 300€ 340€
Rescue Diver 6 dives, e-learning, certification 340€ 390€

Book a dive

You will receive an email later if you are confirmed. If this is a last minute reservation (less than 2 days in advance), please call the diving center directly at 04 92 00 43 86 before 7pm.

Le Poséidon is conveniently located at:

Quai Lunel – Port de Nice
06300 Nice